Frequently asked questions

Will there be guaranteed allocations from the purchase of the first NFT "seed" collection?

Guaranteed allocations for the future collection and allocations during project incubation will appear on the HBB launchpad (Airdrops of selected tokens)

Who are the creators of HUBburger®?

Maciej Sagal is an e-commerce expert, IT specialist and successful entrepreneur with over 22 years of global business experience. Founder of the business software solutions group, which sold products for more than M. Founder of 2002. Member and Co-Founder of Poland Hong Kong Business Association business-related with China. Winner of an honorable rewards in the e-commerce and new technologies category. Piotr Liroy-Marzec is a creator of the cannabis legal act in Poland, former politician, libertarian,and cannabis entrepreneur. The best polish rapper and songwriter, whosold over 1.5M albums. In the IT industry since 1996. Founder of the firstdigital recording studio in Poland. With Maciej Sagal, they cofounded the Liroyal brand - Hemp store with CBD, CBG and CBN.

Do you anticipate airdrop of utility tokens?

You have the opportunity to purchase a legendary and very unique NFT that is linked to a real business. We have added a number of benefits to the NFT token which will allow you to take advantage of a number of benefits aimed at NFT holders. One of these is the airdrop of utility tokens which, in a special panel, can be converted into shares of the company

What are your ambitions?

We have great ambitions; we want to be a pioneer combining hemp business and NFT in one, comprehensive project.. We want to be a global brand so that our idea, products and services we offer reach many places in the world. We already have plans to expand to Asia and Americas and we have taken the first steps towards it.

Why should I bet on your project?

We are the first all-in-one company in the cannabis industry. It’s the blue ocean without angry sharks where HBB can dictate the rules. Don’t fight with the old system. Build a new one. Let’s build the New Cannabis Economy together!

How will you control the business while gathering funding and giving shares to investors?

Following the paths of other companies, we decided to give away only 20% of the share in the HBB company during the funding rounds. As entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of not losing decision-making in the firm.

Why be with you from the beginning?

Mainly, because you have a higher guarantee of purchase the next, upcoming collections of our unique NFTs. Besides being the owner of the first NFTs (seed) you will have more additional benefits such as access to prominent community around the project and plenty of privileges offered to NFT owners only.

Are there any other tangible benefits to having your NFTs?

Yes, our platform offers many opportunities to develop in many ways. We focus on cannabis, crypto and business education therefore you will have access to selected online courses. Additionally, we will organize conferences and concerts to promote the HBB brand. We have already signed contracts for 7 concerts and the first one will take place in Arena Gliwice on March 24/25, 2023.

How do you plan to reward early adopters?

"Early adopters" of the HBB, investors and community members who help us develop the project, can count on future airdrops and preferential terms when issuing utility and security tokens.

How do I check if I am on the list of people who can buy your NFTs?

You will receive a user manual explaining how to buy our NFTs enclosed by email.

What is a mint?

Mint NFT, in simple terms, is "publishing your token on the blockchain" so that other market participants can then buy it on the secondary market.

How do you plan to reach international markets?

The HBB founders have been in the cannabis industry for over 20 years. While establishing the cannabis legal act in Poland with the HBB advisors, we met dozens of international experts, doctors and analysts that helped us during the legislation process. As a result, we will reach the broader market using our worldwide connections, combined with top-quality products.

How can I become part of the new Cannabis economy?

Sign up for the whitelist. Leave us your name, surname, e-mail, phone number, wallet address, and we will contact you. We have just launched the mint of the first collection (NFT Seed)

Who the HUBburger® project is aimed at

There is no entity on the Cannabis market that provides education, great products, marketplace, a connection between buyers and sellers, own hemp crops, and an all-in-one ecosystem. Our main idea behind the project is to connect. Connecting people, so everyone will find a place for themselves on our platform: you can be an investor, a businessman from the cannabis industry, a cryptocurrency or cannabis fan, a medical cannabis patient, an educator, an influencer, a person who wants to educate, meet great people and develop, or just be a customer. HUBburger, this is the place for you!

Does the purchase of your NFTs come with additional privileges?

Yes, you will be invited to exclusive events organized by HUBburger®. You will have such benefits as VIP access to limited offers, become part of our network by participating in premium business or social meetings and many others. Many of them are described in the Whitepaper.

What is your business model?

HBB will have 7 revenue streams - advertising space (fixed advertising formats, native content, partner articles and custom "tailor-made" projects), subscriptions for sellers in the marketplace (differentiated benefit packages in three price variants) and commissions on transactions, franchise + distribution (vending machines and cannabis therapy clinics), own IP and IT services (professional IT solutions, dedicated ERP, CRM, WMS systems for B2B and B2C)) , workshops and training (A training platform with paid VOD modules with different levels of courses including certified business training), conferences, events, concerts and analysis and reports (independent market and consumer behavior research) and HBB branded medical marijuana. Having so many sources of revenue provides greater independence and further protects against possible market fluctuations. Check out our roadmap and see what we have already achieved !

What sets you apart from other competitors in the Cannabis market?

HUBburger focuses on education conducted in its own media and those of the mainstream, supporting its message with influencers. We are contributing to changing awareness of hemp and the potential for its use in hundreds of industries (including medical, textile, cosmetics, nutrition, construction and business). We are ready to launch our platforms in HUBfamily from