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Who we are?

HUBBurger® is a comprehensive ecosystem for the cannabis industry. We combine the latest technology with sales, education, medicine and business for all those who value freedom and a healthy lifestyle.

We are creating a New Economy for the hemp industry. HBB is not just a cannabis platform. It's a global hemp ecosystem including a marketplace, training platform, an education and lifestyle website, vending machines and medical cannabis labs and cultivation.

By offering ≈20% of the HBB company shares in the fundraising rounds, we want to unlock a new level of growth possibilities.

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Introducing HUBburger!

Key benefits of NFT seed

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We can Hemp you
We can Hemp you
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Cannabis market overview

Today, the international Cannabis market is worth more than $ 100B.
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There are over 192M clients in the Cannabis market.
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In 2019, sales of global hemp products increased by 45% from the previous year.
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Cannabis market

The hemp market is experiencing dynamic growth not only through the legalization of Cannabis, but also due to massive turn-away from cigarettes and the growing demand for new hemp-based products and related services. Available research reports and our experience confirm this upward trend.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to educate and create a place where cannabis will receive the recognition it deserves. Cannabis is a versatile plant, cheap to produce and free of carbon footprint. Any part of it can be used in industry or for therapeutic purposes. 

We want to spread the values of freedom in the Cannabis industry and improve our quality of life by bringing cannabis into mainstream medicine.

Our vision is to create a New Economy for the Cannabis industry, which we plan to consolidate. We want to be the market leader for decades to come, bringing the global cannabis community together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mint NFT, in simple terms, is "publishing your token on the blockchain" so that other market participants can then buy it on the secondary market.
Are there any legal obstacles for the cannabis industry development?
No. The Cannabis law was established in Poland in 2017 by Piotr Liroy-Marzec, Maciej Sagal and Jędrzej Sadowski (Cannabis legal advisor). We don't see any threats to the growth of the Cannabis industry. Changes can only go in a positive direction globally.

our business is 100% legal!

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We can Hemp you

Our Background

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To build the global ecosystem of Cannabis products, we will gather funding in the form of NFTs. The plan is to do 4 NFT sales.
Our Background

Maciej Sagal

Entrepreneur, father of two daughters, travel enthusiast. E-commerce expert, IT specialist and successful entrepreneur with over 22 years of global business experience. Co-author of the law legalizing medical marijuana in Poland. Founder of the KingAPP® group and AutoWorld®, co-founder of LiRoyal® and®.  Co-founder of the Poland-Hong Kong Business Association, expert on trade with China.
Former Member and advisor to the Parliamentary Group for Digitalisation, Innovation, IT and High-Tech. Maciej sold products for more than M online.
Winner of an honourable international rewards in the e-commerce and new technologies category.
  • KingAPP® Group
  • Poland Hong Kong Business Association
    Member and Co-Founder
  • S.A
  • GmbH
We can Hemp you
We can Hemp you
Our Background

Piotr Liroy- Marzec

Creator of the cannabis legal act in Poland, former politician, libertarian, and cannabis entrepreneur. The best polish rapper and songwriter, who sold over 1.5M albums. In the IT industry since 1996. Founder of the first digital recording studio in Poland. With M.Sagal, we co-founded the Liroyal brand - Hemp store with CBD, CBG and CBN.
  • Association "Skuteczni" -  managing director
  • DEF Entertainment Sp. z o.o.-  partner and chairman of the board
  • S.A - CoFounder
  • GmbH- Creative director
  • Marketplace
  • Media HUB TiVi
    Publishing House
  • Knowledge
    (HUB Education)
  • Safety
  • HubShop24/7 - vending 
  • Lifestyle
    (showrooms, franchise shops and vending machines)
  • Market Research
  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Legal support

What will we create?

We will create a Cannabis Ecosystem for newbies and experienced, helping to safely & legally buy, sell, and understand the Cannabis industry.

Plus, we will expand to foreign countries (even those where CBD and THC are illegal), consolidating the worldwide Cannabis market for B2B and B2C into one unique Hub.

What have we done so far?

We can Hemp you
HUBBurger® is a comprehensive ecosystem of Cannabis products. We combine the latest technologies, education, medicine, marketing and commerce for people who value freedom and healthy lifestyle.


  • Entering the software development industry.


  • Founding the KingAPP Group, aiming for building digital marketplaces.
  • Establishing the IT team of the best specialists in Europe.


  • Creating the Cannabis legal act in Poland.


  • The first implementation, and commercialization of medical marijuana in Poland.


  • Establishing the GmbH company (source)


  • Finalizing the business operations plan
  • Establishing LIROYAL.PL S.A company. (source)

Q1 2022

  • Preparation and start of work on tokenisation

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

  • Completing the marketing and business operations teams.
  • Finalizing the content strategy (and forming an editorial team for our own Cannabis Publishing House).
  • Establishing an NFT-based fundraising model.

Q4 2022

  • Building the sales team for the polish market.
  • Preparing for the Publishing House operations.
  • Starting work on translating the HBB platform into 27 languages.
  • Hiring of all product spaces in vending machines
  • Signing deals for educational campaigns in the mainstream media.
  • Starting to work on the concept of the franchise model for VMs, cannabis offices and stores.
  • Implementation of 5 more languages, now there are 32.
  • Signing of contracts with vendors,
  • Implementation of the following sections in the production version of the portal: Marketplace, HUBway media, HUBedu, Media about us, events, etc.

Q1 2023

  • Establishing the stationary office in Poland.
  • Development of the VM prototype with a screen on which ads from our partners will be displayed.
  • Implementing the franchise model for MVs.
  • Designing a franchise model for cannabis dispensaries and franchise shops.

What do we plan to do?

Q1 2023

  • Application for a licence to manufacture, import and wholesale medical marijuana.
  • Starting the Publishing House operations.
  • Establishment of more than 45 vending machines (VMs) in Poland at Circle K petrol stations.

Q2 2023

  • Building the sales and marketing team for the English-speaking market.
  • Establishment of an international development office.
  • Establishment of more than 45 vending machines (VMs) in Poland at Circle K petrol stations.

Q3 2023

  • Launching the HBB mobile app for IOS and Android.
  • Establishing an office in Germany.
  • Entering the DE Cannabis market.
  • Application for a permit to grow medical marijuana (branded with HBB).
  • Starting the HBB TV Channel in Poland and UK.

Q4 2023

  • Building the DE sales and marketing team.
  • Receiving the “manufacture, import and wholesale medical marijuana” licence.
  • Building an office in the US.
  • Broadening the expansion in the UK.
  • Establishment of more than 45 vending machines (VMs) in Poland at Circle K petrol stations.

Q1 2024

  • First test crops of the HBB medical marijuana.
  • Entering the US Cannabis market.
  • KPI: establishing min. 400 VMs in Europe.
  • Building an office in Asia.

Q2 2024

  • Entering the Asian Cannabis market.
  • Establishing offices in South America and Australia.

Q3 2024

  • Entering the South American and Australian Cannabis Markets.
  • Establishing an office in Africa.

Q4 2024

  • Entering the African Cannabis market.


  • Starting the selling process of the HBB own cultivation medical marijuana in pharmacies.
We can Hemp you
We can Hemp you

What makes us unique?

  • Building first-ever Cannabis Marketplace with 31 languages in the form of the mobile app.
  • The broad spectrum of cannabis products (from medicine, packaging, bioenergy, food, technology, agriculture, art, sports, automotive, soil reclamation, textile and more industries).
  • Usage of blockchain solutions that helps us attract new generations, use innovative fundraising methods, and enter a new level of interaction between our clients and the company.


HUBburger® is raising funds to create the New economy for the Cannabis industry.
Listing price$ 0.00042
Max Supply42 000 000 000
Total Supply42 000 000 000
Max. Initial Supply5 292 000 000
Max. Initial Market Cap$ 2 222 640
Fully Dilluted Market Cap$ 17 640 000

Seed round airdrop


Private sale


NFT holders sale


Public sale


Company treasure


Community & rewards





In order to build the global ecosystem of Cannabis products and services, we will gather funding in the form of NFTs.
Blockchain Technology

Funding Overview

To build a global ecosystem of Cannabis products, we will raise funds in the form of NFTs.
The plan is to conduct sales of 4 NFT collections tied to real business and benefits.
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We can Hemp you











After reaching the network effect, we plan to issue the utility token, and, at the end of the day, a security token. It will provide an opportunity to benefit from the profitable business in the Cannabis industry (by paying fiat dividends).

The team of HUBburger®

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We will reach a broader audience through multiple campaigns, 24/7 own TV station, and publishing house. By releasing valuable content worldwide, we will provide education, reach a bigger scale, and influence Cannabis legislation processes in different countries.
Alina Grodzicka

Alina Grodzicka

Founder and CEO of Lukomades Training Institute
Grzegorz Pierzakowski

Grzegorz Pierzakowski

Sailing enthusiast, master of IT architecture and experienced manager
Marcin Mazanek

Marcin Mazanek

Board member at KingAPP
Beata Martin Voces

Beata Martin Voces

Clinical pharmacist, cannabis medicine specialist
Tomasz Różański

Tomasz Różański

Hemp expert and therapist, hemp industry business consultant

The team of advisors

We can Hemp you
To build a new economy for the Cannabis Industry, we need experts. Therefore we established strategic partnerships which support and accelerate the development of HBB.
Damian Michalski

Damian Michalski

Security specialist for blockchain
Maciej Tomczyk

Maciej Tomczyk

CEO KryptoEkipa, entrepreneur, youtuber, educator
Jędrzej Sadowski

Jędrzej Sadowski

Co-author of the regulation on medical cannabis in Poland
Jakub Gajewski

Jakub Gajewski

Founder, enthusiast and investor
Temet Nosce Trader

Temet Nosce Trader

Trader & investor
Łukasz Braciszewski

Łukasz Braciszewski

Founder & CEO
Łukasz Szymański

Łukasz Szymański

Founder & CEO
Adrian Zduńczyk

Adrian Zduńczyk

Entrepreneur, leader. Cryptocurrency specialist.

Why is it worth?

However, one question may appear: 
"Why it is worth joining?" "Why should I do that?"

You have questions, we have answers. 

Blue Ocean
The Cannabis market is a 'Blue Ocean' type of industry. We do not have any market competition. HBB is #1. You can choose to fight in the red oceans full of sharks or choose the unexplored blue ocean. HBB picks the second option.

At least 60% of the world does not have access to legal Cannabis. As a result, companies that introduce Cannabis to new markets will gain importance in the coming years.

The HBB Founders participated in forming the legal Cannabis act in Poland. They influence the legislation and have 20+ years in IT & business, selling over $ 40M in products & services.
We can Hemp you
We can Hemp you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your business model?

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HBB will have 7 revenue streams (advertising space, marketplace vendor subscriptions, transaction commissions, franchise + distribution, own IP & IT services, courses, analysis & reports and medical marijuana branded with HBB).

Having multiple income sources makes the company more independent and, on top of that, resilient to market fluctuations.